Future meetings of the Holden City Council whether they be held in City Hall or elsewhere will have a “police presence” after a vote was held at the regular February meeting of the council  last Tuesday night requiring an officer to attend all meetings.
Councilman Jim Robison brought the issue to the table in a response to the recent shootings at the Kirkwood, MO, City Council meeting where five individuals were killed.
He said that there are such things  copy cat crimes and there was no reason to think that it couldn’t happen here.
In many meetings in the past, an officer had been present, but was subject to be called away.  City mayor Mike Wakeman said the officer now required at meetings would be dedicated to that task only.
The vote also called for the item to be put on the agenda for the next meeting as a city ordinance.
In other action at the meeting, the council took another step closer to the hiring of a city administrator.  Wakeman stated that 17 individuals  had shown interest in the position and after narrowing down the list, six were sent letters inviting them to formally apply.  The city has received two applications and according to Wakeman they will be turned over to the City Administrators Association of Western Missouri where they will undergo background checks by that agency.
“We’re possibly looking at about 30 days for the process to be completed,” the mayor continued.  “If everything goes well, we might have a recommendation for the job by the March meeting.”
In an update for the request for engineering services for the sidewalk project grant, Wakeman reported that there had been one engineer submit a bid.  He said that his name would be forwarded to the Missouri Department of Transportation for review.
He also reported that there was to be a public hearing Tuesday, February 19 on an appeal by the resident of 801 S. Pine.  The residence has been deemed a dangerous building after being damaged by fire.
In the resolutions and ordinances section of the meeting, a final reading was passed on a bill agreeing to a settlement from AT&T of approximately $14,000.  The money is to reimburse the city for unpaid business license taxes.
First readings were also held on a Sprint settlement agreement possibly giving the city approximately $4,600 and a lease-purchase agreement with Kansas State Bank of Manhattan, KS, for extrication equipment needed by the Holden Fire Department.
In a final item, the council tabled discussion of cleaning services for City Hall and the Holden Police Department.  Wakeman stated that he had talked to the present contractor and feels confident that the city should leave the present arrangement in place until a new contract is due.  
The contractor had relayed to the mayor that there had been a communications problem and he would like to have one or two “go to people” to communicate with.  
By Steve Sullins

Personnel matters were discussed and voted on in executive session of the Kingsville School Board last Thursday night, according to superintendent Kevin Coleman.
The board approved two two-year contracts for their principals, Lorna Warren and Angela Helms; a threeyear contract for Coleman; and hired Robert Kiely as instructor for the industrial technology position.
In old business, several members of the community were on hand to voice their opinions about the removal of the vo-tech/FFA program at Kingsville.  Bryan Simms told board members his son Bryce received the State Farmer Degree in FFA and he (Bryce) wants to continue farming when he completes school.  Simms credits the FFA program for helping his son achieve this award and wanted the board to know his opinion.  Board president Martha Bush told Simms she was grateful to him for attending the meeting and sharing his concerns.
Next to address the board was student Chelsea Huddleston who expressed concerns about not having FFA and vo-ag as part of the curriculum.  “Mr. Ferguson has taught me everything I know in this area,” she said.  Bush thanked Huddleston for coming to the meeting and voicing her opinion.
Tina Herrington also approached the board with concerns about them voting to discontinue the vo-ag/FFA programs.  She questioned board members as to what the current FFA members would do without the program.  Bush informed her that it was up to each individual student to decide what classes to take that would be best for their future needs.  Herrington stated she felt like she wasn’t getting answers or getting anywhere with her concerns to the board on this issue.  The board maintained their position that the decision was made and voted on to replace the current programs with the new industrial technology classes which they believe will serve more of the student body.  Bush reminded Herrington it was within their authority to  make decisions regarding curriculum.  Herrington then mentioned a petition and state audit.  The board told her they felt they had spent quite a bit of time on this issue and their decision had been made and it would not be changed.
In open forum, Linda Duncan addressed the board stating she totally supported them and the teachers but was concerned about the class size of the first grade.  She said she understood the district goes by state guidelines but felt they needed to look at the class size and see if it would merit having a teacher’s aide to help give one-on-one attention.  She also felt this might be an issue in retaining teachers and said the school should support the teachers when they get a large class.  “Maybe you could draft a policy especially for ages kindergarten through second grade to address class sizes and teachers’ aides,” stated Duncan.  Bush thanked Duncan for expressing her concerns to the board.
In financial business, Coleman presented the audit to the board and was open to questions regarding the audit.  The board made a motion to approve the audit. Coleman also gave the board a copy of this year’s budget and stated he had no concerns about it.
In old business, Al West reported on the A+ informational meeting that was held recently, saying approximately 30 people attended.
In high school reports, principal Lorna Warren reported that attendance was at 96.55 percent.  She also told the board the semester honor roll breakfast was held February 1 with 63 students attending.  She said they wanted to say thank you to the organizers and coordinators of the event as it was a success.  She went on to say Kingsville will be hosting the Mid-State Conference Math Contest for grades six through nine on March 4.  “The high school teams are attending the TEAMS competition at MU February 27.  Bank of Holden and F&C Bank are sponsoring the entry fees ($200 per team).  We are currently looking for parents to drive us because the buses are being inspected that day,” Charlene Atkins said.  She also said she will be hosting three math labs for ninth and 10th grade students.  This is to help students improve math skills while learning the technological tools available to them.  The dates are February 1, March 6 and April 24.
In other event news, Laurie Kempker reported the title of the school play is “Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa” and is a comedy.  There will be one performance on Saturday, March 15 at 7 p.m. and there will be a dessert bar, sponsored by the senior class, during the intermission.  They will be asking for donations only, as they did last year, according to Kempker.
Atkins also sent a report on students who were enrolled in dual credit classes, stating 16 students were participating.  Bush stated she was excited the district has so many students in dual credit courses.
In other student activity news, instructor Kim Willcockson sent a report on Quiz Bowl season.  She said the junior high team has 10 members, and on the senior team there are 12 members.  She went on to give dates of upcoming tournaments and matches.
Other upcoming dates, according to Willcockson are: February 19-22, FFA Week; February 25-29, district basketball at Kingsville; March 4, conference math tournament at Kingsville; March 7, half-day professional development; and March 15 is the spring play, as mentioned earlier.
In sports news, athletic director Mike Bodenhamer sent a report stating the boys’ team took third place in the Wellington tournament and Justin Howerton made the all-tournament team.  He added, “It looks like approximately 19 boys are going out for baseball.  We really need a pitching machine and a net for it.  We are in very good shape in all sports with our uniforms; we have some of the best in the area.”
In other contest news, Warren reported Dakota Ross of Kingsville Middle School finished third in the Central District for the MSHSAA middle-level/junior high essay contest.  The topic of the essay contest was “What can my school do to promote positive sportsmanship and who could lead the way?”
In elementary news, principal Angela Helms reported a 96 percent attendance rate.  “The honor roll breakfast was held February 1.  Students making the “A” or “B” honor roll were in attendance.  Seventy-six elementary students received the special breakfast.  The kitchen staff prepared an amazing breakfast for the students,” said Helms.
She went on to say she had reworked the honor roll requirements to make them more fair for the students.  “I have chosen to stay consistent with the high school and base the honor roll on grade point average (GPA),” said Helms.
In an event update, Helms reminded the board of the following dates: February 18, no school, President’s Day; February 19, PTO meeting at 3:30 p.m./ PTO Zoo Night at 7 p.m.; February 20, Kindergarten Round-Up at 6:30 p.m.; March 7, literacy training with Jennifer Williams; and March 11, Read Across America.
In other elementary news, Helms said, “The DARE program is back and has added more classes.  The full DARE program for the fifth grade will begin in April.  The DARE officers have added first and third grade to their DARE schedule.  First and third grades will have only short lessons for four weeks.  This gets students adapted early to the program.”
The regular session of the Kingsville R-I School District was closed and the board went into executive session to make personnel decisions.  The next school board meeting will be held on March 13 at 7 p.m.
By Dana Neubert
News Staff

Dr. Mike Hough, a 1987 Holden High School graduate, will return to the Holden R-III School District as the new middle school principal, effective August 1.
He will replace Gregg Montgomery who recently announced his retirement effective June 30.
A lifelong resident of Holden, Hough has spent 15 years in education, teaching in the Knob Noster School District for 13 years and the Lee’s Summit School District for the past two years.
He has taught science, including dual credit AP chemistry classes at Knob Noster from 1993-2006.  He also has taught science, including international baccalaureate chemistry classes in Lee’s Summit for the past two years.  Other duties have included robotics coach, science olympiad coach, academic bowl coach and computer network supervisor.
Hough’s education includes a bachelor of science in education in chemistry and biology, a bachelor of arts in chemistry and a bachelor of science in biology from the University of Central Missouri.  He completed his master of science degree in school administration from UCM in 1998.  He received his specialist in education degree in school leadership in 2006 and his doctor of education degree in 2007, both from Saint Louis University.

Fifth grade students in Robin Eissler’s class at Holden Intermediate School recently traveled to Jefferson City for the Show-Me TechKowledge Day.
The three students, Gene Collins, Michael Stehwien and Shawn Calhoun, demonstrated what they had worked on during a recent natural resource project to Representative David Pearce and others.
The students chose to portray Georgia peach tree farmers as part of their project.  They also kept track of the water they used at home for one week, then online with a project called “Down the Drain” they got to compare their usage with other students in other states and even other countries.  This was a great learning experience for them, according to Eissler.  
They also took a trip to the local water plant and were given a tour by water superintendent Tony Lerda who explained how people in Holden get their water.
As peach tree farmers, they encountered the same problems real farmers are having with the drought in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.  They came up with possible solutions, then chose the  most effective answer to their  problem.  They put their presentation on Power Point and took it to Jefferson City to show representatives how the school’s technology dollars are being spent and how technology helped them apply what they learned to real world problems.
Collins said, “It was fun to go to Jefferson City; we got to see the session, learned about three point perspective pictures and rode the train.  We went up in the dome and looked down to see the first floor rotunda which was really far down.  We also learned the foothills at the bottom of Lake Lanier were rising to the surface and they have had to close more than 100 boat ramps because of it.”
“It was fun getting to see everything and meet the representatives.  It was also fun getting to do the project and learning about peach tree farmers,” stated Stehwien.
Calhoun added, “It was great being able to represent our school.  We went to the top of the capitol; it was very windy there, but all in all it was an exciting day.”
For their project, students created a story map using Inspiration which they used to create a presentation.  Pictures, video clips, and narrations served to bring home the real world application in this assignment.  Students realized that the decisions they choose can make a difference in the world.
Eissler, the boys and their parents, traveled by Amtrak to visit Jefferson City and meet Pearce and others.  She feels it was a very rewarding and educational experience for the students and for herself.
By Dana Neubert
News Staff

Former Missouri 124th District representative Rex Rector has announced his plans to run for the Missouri State Senate’s 31st District on the Republican party ticket.
The 31st District encompasses Johnson, Cass, Bates and Vernon Counties.  
During his tenure as a state representative from 2001 through 2006, Rector served on the transportation committee, the corrections & state institutions committee and was chairman of the telecommunications, energy, and technology committee.
While serving in the House of Representatives, he was awarded the 100 percent For Jobs award from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau’s Friend of Agriculture award three times, the Missouri Home Builder’s Association Legislative award, the Cass County Fire Protection District Association Legislative Award, the Missouri Right to Life Endorsement, the National Federation of Independent Business Endorsement and the All Children Matter Endorsement.
Rector served on the governor’s energy task force, was the governor’s appointee to the Southern States Energy Board and a member of the American Legislative Exchange Counsel.
He continues to serve his community as the pastor of a small house church and has owned and operated Rector Construction Company, his family business, for more than 30 years.  Rector is a member of the Harrisonville Kiwanis Club and the Harrisonville and Peculiar Chambers of Commerce.  He has been a member of Farm Bureau for 23 years and is a former board of director’s member.  He is also an ongoing supporter of the local crisis pregnancy center.
Born into a family of farmers in Rockville, MO, Rector says he gained his sense of values and learned the meaning of hard work and personal responsibility from his family.  After graduating from high school in 1969, he went on to receive his agriculture degree in soil science from then Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg in 1973.
Rector and his wife Debbie have been married for 30 years.  they have two grown children, Heather and Caleb, and three grandchildren, E.J., Justus and Elise.
His wife Debbie said, “I have been married to Rex for more than 30 years and in that time, I have come to know his strong conviction before God to do what is right no matter what the cost to himself.  Rex is a common sense, practical man who will always make the decision he believes is best for the long haul.”

According to a report from Peter Lobdell, Missouri state supervisor for the state’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, seven area businesses were subject to recent alcohol compliance checks.
Three of the investigations in Johnson and Jackson counties resulted in the arrest of individuals working at the establishment on the charge of sale of liquor to a minor.  In addition, the retail locations were cited for sale of liquor to a minor and will face possible fines and/or suspension of their liquor licenses from the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
According to the division report, the offenders were Shamrock Food Mart #3 at 33909 East 50 Highway, Lone Jack; Blackwater Amoco, 677 NW US 50 West, Centerview; and Quick Mart, 1601 N.W. Highway 50, Kingsville.
Lobdell also pointed out that four other establishments in this area did not sell to the undercover minor.  They were Holden Package Store, 107 S. Pine Street, Holden; Break Time #3040, 215 W. Second Street, Holden; Pittsville PDQ, 549 Highway NW 131, Holden; and Fast Foodmart, 503 N.W. 50 Highway, Centerview.
The supervisor noted that these establishments and their employees are the first line of defense in the battle against underage drinking.  He praised them for their continued efforts in making Missouri a safer and healthier environment for its youth.
He also stressed that the charges for which those arrested are mere accusations and are not evidence of guilt.  Evidence in support of the charge must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.
Those who have questions about the compliance check program may call special agent Nancy McGee in the division’s St. Louis district office at (314) 340-6835.
By Steve Sullins
  In their last year in the Show-Me West Conference, the Holden High School boys’ basketball Eagles have taken home the top prize - a conference championship - their first in many years.
The Eagles clinched the feat Saturday by defeating the Sherwood Marksmen in their own gym, 53-43.  
It didn’t look in the first half that the Eagles were going to be able to pull off the feat as they trailed by five points at the end of the first quarter and halftime as well.
“During halftime, our seniors told the team that they were not going to lose and former Eagle standout Bryan Evans inspired them even further giving them a short talk,” head Eagle coach Dale Wescott explained.
The boys on the team must have taken the words to heart, because they came out of the locker room with purpose in their eyes.  Senior point guard Andrew Sanderson promptly drained two three pointers with a defensive stop in between and the Eagles took the lead for the first time since they led 6-2 in the first quarter.  By the end of the third quarter, the Eagles were in command by five.  
During a hard-fought fourth quarter - Sherwood was not about to give up - Holden stretched their lead to 10 and made their free throws late to ice the contest.
“I can’t say enough about this team,” Coach Wescott exclaimed.  “This is the hardest working group of kids I’ve ever had.  Even in other sports seasons, the core guys would be in the gym early every morning practicing.
“We set goals at the beginning of the season and it seems like almost every week we can check off attaining another goal,” the coach continued.  “But this is a big one - the conference championship.  This is the one that the guys said they wanted to win for all the players over the last few years who gave Holden basketball respectability but never quite reached the title.  They wanted to win for Shane Brooks, Jimmy Gudde, Nate Heiman, Kenton Hartwell, Bryan Evans, Ben Graham, Dustin Cleveland and all the other kids who worked and tried to bring the title to Holden.  It’s been a tremendous week.”
All of the competition wasn’t on the court; some of it was in the stands as cheering sections from both schools made the gym a loud and raucous venue.  Coach Wescott said that at times it was so loud he could hardly communicate to his players during timeouts.  “The fan support was just fantastic,” he added.  “That’s what high school basketball is all about.”
Leading the way offensively was once again Travis Wescott and Sanderson with 17 and 16 points respectively, but according to the coach, the improved play of Zak Anstine, Bryce Evans, Deron Binkley and Mike Garten coming off the bench has improved the team’s play as well and has made it possible for the team to reach their 14-6 overall and 7-0 conference marks.
Wescott and Binkley both totaled eight rebounds and Sanderson was tops in assists with four.  Wescott and Evans, with nine points, both added three assists.  Binkley shot in six and Anstine, five, including a big three-pointer in a critical juncture of the game.
Eagles 71 Butler 54
Also important in clinching the league was Holden’s 17-point victory at Butler the night before.  Sanderson, Wescott and Anstine all scored in double figures in the victory.
Once again the environment was good for a basketball game and Butler played hard.  “Our guys just did what it took to win.  Early on, Zak (Anstine) drained three three-pointers to really set the tone of the game.”
Statistics for the game included:  Sanderson, 22 points, three assists and three steals; Wescott, 17 points, eight rebounds and three assists; Anstine, 13 points, three assists and three steals; Evans, eight points and four assists; Binkley, six points and 11 rebounds; and Garten, five points and three assists.
Eagles 59               Grain Valley 54 (OT)
In a game last Monday, the Holden Eagles defeated the Grain Valley Eagles from the Missouri River Valley Conference by a score of 59-54 in overtime.
Holden was behind by four at the end of the first half but knotted the game at 34 by the end of the third stanza.  At the finish of regulation play, the teams were tied at 51-51.  
“Free throws made the difference, with Sanderson and Wescott making 12 of 12 in the fourth quarter and overtime period,” stated Coach Wescott.  “We didn’t look very good in the first half, but kicked it in down the stretch.”
Statistics in the win included:  Sanderson, 28 points and four assists; Anstine, 12 points and two steals; Wescott, 11 points and 16 rebounds and four assists; Binkley, two points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals; and Evans, four points.
“There were some great individual performances besides the free-throw shooting,” the coach continued.  “Anstine had a breakout game who was left open due to double-teaming of Wescott.  Binkley drew two charging fouls that helped us a lot; Evans got a big rebound and a bucket late to help the team.”
After games with Archie and El Dorado Springs, the Eagles will complete their regular season schedule Friday night at Lone Jack.  “The boys really want to win that one and have a perfect 8-0 conference record,” added the coach.
Holden will go into district play next week seeded second in the tournament to be held at the HHS gym.  They will play Butler, a seven-seed, Tuesday night at 6 p.m.  If they win that game they will take on the winner of the Renaissance Academy and Pembroke Hill tilt.  This year the Eagles have defeated Pembroke and lost to Renaissance.
By Steve Sullins

With a Show-Me West Conference championship in their sights, the Holden High School Lady Eagle varsity basketball squad pounded two more league opponents to push their conference record to 6-0.
They defeated Sherwood at home Wednesday night, 44-31 and had their way with Butler Thursday night, 53-41.
Holden has two remaining league games before district play begins next week.  The Lady Eagles were scheduled to play the Sherwood Lady Marksmen on the road Tuesday night and they will take on the Lone Jack Lady Mules tonight (Thursday) in the HHS gymnasium.
The Lady Eagles hold a two-seed in the Missouri Class 3, District 14 Basketball Tournament and will lead off in the first round against seven-seed Hogan Prep, Monday at 6 p.m. in the HHS gym.  If they win that matchup, they will play the winner of three-seed Knob Noster and six-seed Renaissance Academy next Wednesday, February 27 at 7 p.m.  Once again, Pembroke Hill is seeded first in the tourney.
Holden 44 Sherwood 31
The crucial league match was played in what head Lady Eagle coach Travis Fleming called the “best atmosphere we’ve had at home during my tenure in Holden.”
Dressed in camoflauge clothing, the boys team, led by coaches Dale Wescott and Ben Kiger, cheered and chanted through the entire contest.
“Our crowd was awesome,” Coach Fleming continued.  “The boys’ team did a great job of supporting us.  Everyone benefits from school spirit like that.”
In the game, the Lady Eagles were very solid defensively, not allowing Sherwood to get in their offense.  Offensively, Holden didn’t shoot well, but kept scrapping until they got the job done.
“We did a good job of matching Sherwood’s intensity in a very physical game,” the coach added.  “It wasn’t the prettiest game to watch offensively, but both teams played hard and competed well.”
Leading the way in the statistics columns were Calla Burden, with 12 points, four rebounds, two assists, three steals and three blocks; and Valerie Lambert who had 10 points, five rebounds, five assists and three steals.
Other stats included:  Kelsey Carver, eight points, five rebounds, two assists and one steal; Lauren Geisler, six points, 10 rebounds, one assist and two steals; Stacey Calhoun, three points, five rebounds and two assists; Dani Jo Riley, three points, five rebounds and one steal; Eleanor Brown, two points, one rebound and one steal; and Deanna Quisenberry, three rebounds, one assist and two steals.
Holden 53 Butler 41
The Lady Eagles led by only one point after three quarters of play, but kicked it in to high gear in the final stanza to win by 12 in another crucial conference tilt.
Calhoun and Lambert combined for 14 points in the final period to put the game out of reach.  Lambert knocked down two big three-pointers and Calhoun drained one of her own and followed up with a steal that she converted for an easy bucket.
“We need Stacey’s energy on both ends of the floor.  She can rebound with anyone and defensively she causes a lot of problems and when Valerie is shooting with confidence, we are a much better team.”
Three Lady Eagles scored in double figures in the game.  They were Lambert, 16; Carver, 12; and Calhoun, 11.
Complete stats for the win were:  Lambert, 16 pints, one rebound, six assists and three steals; Carver, 12 points, five rebounds and one steal; Calhoun, 11 points, five rebounds, two assists and two steals; Burden, seven points, four rebounds, two assists and one steal; Geisler, three points, eight rebounds and one steal; Riley, two points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals; Quisenberry, one point, one rebound, one assist and two steals; and Brown, one point, one rebound and one steal.  Sophomore Kelsey Whitehead was not available for either the Sherwood or Butler game due to a death in her family.
Earlier in the week, the Lady Eagles suffered a tough loss at state-ranked Grain Valley, 42-33.
Holden was only two points behind, but could only score four points in the third quarter, giving the other Lady Eagles an 11-point advantage going into the final period.  Holden fought back, but fell by nine.
“We gave a solid effort and battled a strong Grain Valley team for four quarters,” praised Coach Fleming.  “D.J. Riley has really elevated her level of play and did a great job of sparking our offense in the middle quarters.  Geisler, Burden and Whitehead did a great job on the glass and defending on the interior.”
Riley led the scoring with 12 points and two rebounds.  She was followed by:  Geisler, six points and eight rebounds; Carver, five points, three rebounds and one steal; Burden, four points, five rebounds and one assist; Whitehead, three points, four rebounds and one assist; Brown, two points and four rebounds; Calhoun, one point, three rebounds and seven assists; and Lambert, four rebounds, three assist and one steal.
By Steve Sullins


Harold E. Chaney, 73, of Holden, Missouri passed away Thursday, February 14, 2008 from complications after heart surgery. 
Harold was born in Holden on January 29, 1935 to Claude Eugene and Ina Pearl (Surber) Chaney.  He graduated from Holden High School in 1953 and served in the Air Force from 1954-58.  In September, 1957, he was married to Donna Ann (Wren) Chaney of Idalou, Texas.  He returned to Holden, first working with his father in farming, and later owning and operating several local businesses.  He served on both the school board of the Holden R-III District and the Holden City Council.  He was Presbyterian, as well as being a member of the Elks Lodge #673 and the American Legion Post #90. 
He was preceded in death by his parents.
He is survived by his loving wife, Donna, and his children, Renee Chaney Mills (Ronald), Karen Chaney (Alma), Dale Chaney (Margie),  and Jim Chaney (Lisa).  He is also survived by four loving grandchildren, Kristin Chaney, Elizabeth Chaney, Jack Chaney, and Sara Chaney.
Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. Monday, February 18, 2008 at Williams Funeral Chapel in Holden, with Reverend Henry Gower, Jr. of the First Presbyterian Church in Holden officiating.  Interment followed at the Holden Cemetery.
The family received friends from 6-7:30 p.m. Sunday at the funeral chapel.
In lieu of flowers and in respect for the family commitment to education, the family is requesting contributions to the Holden R-III School Foundation in care of Williams Funeral Chapel.
Online condolences may be left at www.williamsfuneralchapel.net.

C.B. Davis, age 83, of Holden, Missouri, passed away Thursday, February 14, 2008, at Holden Manor Care Center, Holden, Missouri.
He was born January 2, 1925, in Valley City, Missouri, the son of Glenn L. and Irene Arnold Davis. He had been a farmer in the Holden area most of his life.
Mr. Davis graduated from Warrensburg High School.  He was an Army veteran of the Korean War.  He entered the service December, 1948, in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  He was discharged in January of 1953.  He was a member of the Munday-Hancock Post #90 of the American Legion, and was a member of the First Christian Church in Holden.
Survivors include one sister, Glennice Davis Ligon of Kansas City, KS; one niece, Beverly Ligon DeWitt and her husband Donald L. DeWitt of Norman, OK; Nancy Ligon, widow of Harold Ligon II, a nephew, of Overland Park, KS; grandnieces Jennifer DeWitt Parks and her husband David Parks of Kansas City, MO, Sarah DeWitt of Shreveport, LA, Katherine DeWitt of Norman, OK; and one grandnephew, Hal Ligon of Olathe, KS.  He also left many friends in the Holden area and at the Holden Manor Care Center. 
Both parents, and a nephew, Harold Ligon, II , preceded him in death.
Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Saturday, February 16, 2008 at Ben Cast & Son - Wood Funeral Home, Holden, MO with Reverend Richard Morris officiating.
Pallbearers were David Mahnken, John Silverthorn, Dale Strate, Gary Strate and Joe Van Meter.
Interment was in Medford Cemetery, Holden, MO.
Memorial contributions may be made to a charity of one’s choice.

Mary Kathryn Seals, 82, Kingsville, Missouri, passed away Thursday, February 14, 2008 at the Warrensburg Manor Care Center.
Mary Kathryn Seals was born December 17, 1925 in Kansas City, Missouri, the daughter of Cliford W. Brown and Mary G. Hunt Brown.  She was a graduate of Northwest High School in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kathy married Donald L. Seals on June 25, 1944 in Kansas City.  She had been employed with Stahl Specialty in Kingsville until retiring after 32 years of service.  She was a longtime member of Sheffield Assembly of God Church in Kansas City.  Kathy enjoyed crocheting and quilting.
Survivors include a daughter, Barb Tardy and her husband Leslie of Warrensburg; a grandson, Gevin Carson of Warrensburg; a granddaughter, Tosha Harrison and her husband Walter of Holden; and a great-granddaughter, Kaitlyn Harrison.  
Kathy was preceded in death by her husband Don in November of 2000; and infant daughter, Donna Kay; an infant son, Michael Dean; and a sister, Maxine Kilgore Lewis.
Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Monday, February 18, 2008 at Williams Funeral Chapel in Warrensburg with Reverend Alex Wales of the First Presbyterian Church in Warrensburg officiating.
Interment followed in the Kingsville Cemetery.
Visitation was Monday at the funeral chapel, one hour prior to service.
Online condolences may be left at www.williamsfuneralchapel.net.

Marilyn R. Wilson, 67, Holden, MO, passed away Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at St. Luke’s East Hospital in Lee’s Summit.
Marilyn Ruth Wilson was born July 9, 1940 in Dixon, Missouri, the daughter of Forrest LeRoy McKeown and Lorena Louisa Brandt McKeown.  She moved to Holden with her family at the age of 10 and graduated from Holden High School.  She married Donald Eugene Wilson on August 24, 1965 in Miami, Oklahoma.  Marilyn operated a day care business at one time and also owned and operated a grocery store.  She was very active in Cub Scouts and 4-H.   She was a longtime member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church where she belonged to the Altar Society and was a religious education teacher for several years.  Marilyn also frequently volunteered at the Holden Elementary School.
Survivors include her husband Don; two daughters, Ruth Brockhaus and her husband Curt of Holden, and Jenny Whitehead and her husband Greg of Holden; three sons, Kenneth Wilson and his wife Ann of Oak Grove, Missouri, Jeff Wilson and his wife Cheryl of Holden, and Philip Wilson and his wife Nicole of Las Vegas, Nevada; her mother, Lorena McKeown of Holden; a sister, Patty Raker and her husband David of Holden; two brothers, Ron McKeown and his wife Cheryl of Peculiar, Missouri, and Rick McKeown and his wife Andrea of Stillwell, Kansas; 27 grandchildren; several great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. 
Marilyn was preceded in death by her father; a son, Michael; a step-daughter, Deidra; and two brothers, James in infancy, and Roger.
A funeral Mass was held at 2 p.m. Sunday, February 17, 2008 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Holden with Father Pete Savidge officiating.  Interment followed in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Holden.
The family received friends from 6-8 p.m. Saturday at Williams Funeral Chapel in Holden, with a Rosary Service at 7 p.m.
Pallbearers were Kody Whitehead, Ben Brockhaus, Michael Wilson, Ronnie McQuaig, Rick Zauner and Ron McKeown, Jr.
Memorial contributions may be left to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and the Holden Library.
Online condolences may be left at www.williamsfuneralchapel.net.

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