An Abridged List of Golf Equipment

Playing golf means being aware of the different kinds of golf equipment readily available for a player. These pieces of golf equipment are all made to aid the players so it would be best for them to take advantage of the functions and purposes presented by the equipment. For a player to take advantage of these pieces of equipment, he should first know the choices available for him.

More than one Golf ball

golf ballA golf ball is a ball unique to golf, as the name implies. It is the small ball, normally colored white that is filled with grooves on the surface. This is the golf equipment being hit around the course. There are actually different kinds of gold balls, according to the financial budget and the level of expertise of the player. All golf balls, regardless of type, are still required to pass an approval test before they can be used in games.

It is advised to bring more than one golf ball because there is a probability that the golf balls could be lost on the course.

A set of different Golf Clubs

A golf club is the piece of golf equipment used to hit the golf ball. It could also be the most expensive equipment that a player would buy for this sport. A player should know that there are different types of golf clubs according to the resulting flight of the ball, power of the drive, and direction of the flight. This is why players cannot just use a single club for a game he should try the different clubs and create his own set of mix he would be comfortable using. He could bring a maximum of 14 clubs for every game. Every type of clubs has their own club range, shown by the numbers of each club. The number shows the strength and distance the club has in making the ball fly.

A proper set of Golf Attire

Before heading out in the golf course, a golf player should be aware of the dress code of the place. All golf courses have their own set of allowable set of attire. A player should do well to call ahead and inquire about the dress code. He could also just play safe and wear basic golf attire. The standard is a pair of slacks for the bottom matched with a collared polo shirt for the top. He should avoid wearing shorts falling above the knee, cargo or denim pants, and baggy t-shirts. In choosing an attire, a player should keep in mind that he should look clean and organized while playing.

It should be noted that most players consider golf attire not only because it is required but also because the proper attire could in fact aid the player in improving his game.

A pair of Golf Shoes

Golf equipment also includes the golf shoes. A pair of golf shoes is hardly a strict requirement of golf courses. In fact, it is rare to see golf ranges that require only golf shoes when playing. It is still a great investment because the shoes are designed to help a player maintain his balance and stance when swinging.

A sturdy golf bag

Because of the number of clubs and balls the player should bring for every game, he should have his own golf bag. These are sturdy lightweight bags initially made to carry the golf clubs, though the bags have a number of compartments on the side for other equipment storage.

Numbered Club Head Covers

When the clubs are placed inside the bag, there is a high chance that these clubs would collide with each other, causing scratches and abrasions. A player should therefore invest in a club head cover to ensure that the impact of the collisions is lessened and the abrasions prevented. In choosing club head covers, he should pick the ones with the numbers on them, to make club identification easier.