Chronistsempelis and Looking for an SEO Specialist

A company who has difficulty generating traffic and views typically needs help with their search engine optimization or their website layout. What this company needs is professional help from either a search engine optimization company or a consultant. But before a company or website owner could jump into a company or consultant, there are a few points that must be addressed while he’s searching for the right one to handle his website. While some better known search engine consultants like chronistsempelis are inexpensive and will get the job done, here are some of the questions that need to be answered by anyone who wants the best search engine optimization services:

1. “Who are your past clients?”

SEOKnowing who the past clients are when interviewing or searching for a search optimization consultant or company is important because it gives a sense of authenticity and success. The more well-known the clients are, the better. If the past clients are not up on a company’s website, then asking for a few on the first consultation will be enough. If the company is confident that they can help a person with their search engine optimization, then they will be able to give out a few examples with no problem.

2. “What are your methods?”

Chronistsempelishas their own methods of doing SEO for a client, but these methods are white hat ones, which means that they are prepared to do legitimate methods of search engine optimization and not just spam links and disobey search engine guidelines (which is what black hat SEO techniques tend to do). If an SEO company or consultant does not want to divulge the details of their methods, it’s best to cross them off the list.

SEO servicesChronistsempelis is prepared to give the full details of their methods and some are outlined in the company’s ebook, which could be found on their website. A client can also ask for a free consultation, which they are more than happy to provide. This consultation could include a plan or suggestions on what need to be done, what problems the client has on their website, and how to improve visibility.

3. “Will I get a number one ranking in any search engine?”

A person should be wary if the company or consultant he’s interviewing says yes. No one can guarantee a number one ranking in any search engine, and those who promise such are more likely to use underhanded or unethical means. A website may get a number one ranking, but it will take time and dedication. An SEO consultant like chronistsempelis stays realistic in terms of time frame and the work that needs to be done, guaranteeing positive results but not a promise of being number one.

4. “What type of changes need to be done to the website?”

If the consultant or company are experts, then they can provide detailed reports or explanations with regards to the structure of a website, how it’s operating at the moment, and the ways that it could be improved. If they’re very knowledgeable, they could even suggest changes to the website’s code by either modifying or scraping some in favor of better ones. Depending on the type of work needed, a website may need to be completely overhauled or just improved slightly.

5. “How much are you charging for?”

Price is one of the important factors when deciding on an SEO company or consultant. A person needs to know if they’re going to be charged hourly, monthly, or by the project, in addition to how much the fee actually is.

Chronistsempeliscould charge $1145-$195 per month depending on the number of hours.

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